Protect Your Neck Travelling

For many, flying is a necessary evil involved in holidays or business trips. Flights can be long and boring, you could end up with screaming children near you, someone could be nudging your seat from behind, you might not be a fan of Air plane meals. These are all issues that sometimes we have to just grin and bear, but getting a sore back or feeling uncomfortable is something we can actively do something about.

By preparing beforehand we can make longer, uncomfortable flights a little more comfortable. Certain products are available to help such as pillows and socks which can help with blood flow but looking at a few different stretches can help to keep you comfortable and avoid sore backs or necks after a flight.

You might have spent time following flights looking online for a chiropractor near me to help work out the kinks and allow you the freedom of movement you once enjoyed. That will always be a great help but if you are not going to address the issue it will be like throwing money away.

There are a few ways to keep your body loose and comfortable and you can do them subtly if you were concerned about making a spectacle of yourself on a flight. Here are a few suggestions.

Hold your hands behind your back after moving forward in your seat and pull your shoulders back. By tilting your head to the sides you can stretch your neck and it won’t look like you are trying to conduct a yoga class in the middle of a flight.

Rolling your shoulders, ankles and wrists is a great move that people won’t even look twice at.

This one might sound strange but kills two birds with one stone when your meal comes. If you have a book simply put it between your thighs and squeeze it with your feet stationed parallel to your hips. If you do this when your meal comes you have somewhere to put your book and you will be disguised by your fold down tray too.

Use your fists to push yourself off the seat slightly in a hovering position that will work your core.

Simply lifting your legs while keeping your back straight will also help you.

If you find your seat neighbor missing from their chair there are a couple of stretches that you can throw in without inconveniencing anyone. Wrapping your legs into a figure 4 and leaning down as far as you can and putting your arms straight up and twisting is a Pilates move that can be useful.

If you are waiting for the toilet take advantage of the time by folding in half and bending down, this will give you a great stretch as will slowly lunging from side to side, we say slowly because this will look like a gentle sway rather than a manic thrashing about that will bring attention to you.

There are a number of other techniques and products worth investigating before flying that can help you avoid a sore back or neck.


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